Our Technologies

Our product platform, SingleShot®, enables the simultaneous generation of genetic and epigenetic information, while offering substantial cost advantages for DNA analysis.

    SingleShot® extends the information content of sequencing by enabling “6 letters” to be read from a single sequencing run, yielding both the genetic bases (A-T-C-G) and the most important epigenetic marks (methylcytosine and hydroxymethylcytosine). This information is captured at single base resolution from very small amounts of DNA, and with an accuracy that exceeds other known methods. Leveraging our platform science, SingleShot® reduces sequencing costs significantly while preserving sequence complexity, thereby facilitating rapid and lower cost data analysis.

    Our pipeline includes product applications tailored to rare variant calling, whole genome sequencing, and epigenetic analysis. These products will be compatible with a wide range of formats, while yielding disruptive improvements in sensitivity of detection and cost.